'Green glass' 50 x 40cm acrylics on gesso board, #3 of the Plastic Soup series*
Original photo by @seangravem aka decompresean; thanks for letting me paint this one! Much appreciated. PS check out Sean's work on www.gravemphotography.com/ ... super cool work!


Please contact me using the contact form on this website or send me an email at paintingsofwaves-AT-outlook-DOT-com (replace -AT- with @ and -DOT- with . ) I am in the Netherlands/ greater Rotterdam area and can pick up/ deliver if reasonably feasible and I can do high quality prints also, if interested.



*The Plastic Soup series:

As a surfer I love our seas and oceans. That’s why I love painting waves. The beauty, the power, Neptune's hand that pushes our boards towards the shores providing incredible amounts of stoke and Aloha spirit is just so fantastic it fills me with joy just thinking of it. Mahalo!

All our seas and oceans are under attack of people who don't seem to care about the consequences of their actions. And more and more, I see plastic on beaches and in the water. This saddens me. I hope, that with this series I can be part of the solution; with this series I hope to prevent that plastic litter reaching our surf.

This painting (original) is for sale. Yes, you, ocean lover, can buy it AS IT IS (i.e. with plastic rubbish) for the listed price. However, if you are like me, and you hate plastic soup with a passion, if it’s the thorn in your eye, your nemesis when walking the beach and it's something that you would love to eliminate if you could. Well, then this is your chance. You can also be part of the solution!

For an extra €100+ (the '+' is up to you) the plastic soup will be cleaned up out of the painting by yours truely; no traces. This means you will be buying a plastic free wave! But not only will you be making this virtual wave, plastic free, the extra €100+ will be put towards preventing plastic entering our real seas and oceans too! I will personally make nothing off your generosity and caring: 100% of the extra amount will be put through to the Plastic Soup foundation (https://www.plasticsoupfoundation.org/en/organisation/mission/). FYI the mission of the Plastic soup foundation is ” ‘No plastic waste in our water!’ We do not take plastic out of the water; instead, we want to put an end to the increasing amount of plastic polluting the ocean by tackling the issue at its sources.”

Btw if you have another favorite plastic soup saving charity, let me know and I am happy to put that extra money for the clean up to them!

Please let me know if you want to help out our seas and oceans or are interested in the painting as is!


Green glass

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